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Cervical disc prolapse with lt. Ul plegia Discectomy done at c45 ,c56 and c67 level with fusion and fixation done with miraculous make titanium make plate and screws.

Upper 1/3rd comminuted ?#?shaft? tibia with long butterfly Fixed with titanium make hockey stick plate with locking screws. Principles of both absolute and relative stability applied.

Celebrating 30 yrs of birthday of PFC Sigma Celebrating 30 yrs of birthday of PFC Sigma by doing PFC sigma tkr today. Thanks to team work

Secondaries from ca thyroid a ghastly look

‎dislocation‬ rt. Hip jnt with posterior column closed

Follow up 2 months of aneurysmal bone cyst Healing well

Bilateral knee oa Attuned knee system done in both knees single setting using computer navigation technique

Bilateral Attune knee done in single setting in Joshi hospital Phaltan

A review of attune knee taken after completion of 5 cases. Depuy j &j at its best.

Shattered c3 type supracondylar femur ?#?with? severe communition RTA Bicondylar fixation done thru posteromedial and anterolateral approach A really difficult task and can be put in our worst case

Today's Lokmat news in healthy satara section

Expansile lesion rt. Shaft femur .?aneurysmal bone cyst Excision done with bone grafting ,g bone and 95 ^plate fixation with screws.

75 yr old l4l5 disc prolapse Large disc removed with laminectomy and decompression done.

Was feeling great as presented a lecture in Late bhide trauma symposium in Posac conference 2015 in pune

3 months old maluniting # lower end radius rt. Open reduction fixation with titanium make plate and screws

90yr old pt. ?#?itnf? lt. Soft nailing titanium make Good reduction and stable fixation

Traumatic injury l2 vertebrae with retropulsion Pedicular screws put in distraction mode in l1 and l3 Laminectomy done Good reduction and opening of l2 vertebrae

85 yr.old female pt. 3 months old # Lt. Hemiplegia with displaced # Solution cementless prosthesis j &j make . A very good implant

8 level fixation with 5 level laminectomy done

78 yr old lt. Hemiplegic # basitrochanteric neck femur 2 months old Solution stem j &j make Fully porous coated distal stem

Shattered supracondylar ?#?with? totally 180 turned capetullum fragment Orif with Olecranon osteotomy and fixation

Kochs l1l2 Decompression laminectomy with fixation from t12 and l3 Caseation of l2 excised transpedicular

C3c4 kochs with quadriparesis. Open reduction internal fixation done thru anterior approach Cage with bg +titanium make plate screw fixation in c2 and c5 Corpectomy of c4 and partial c3 done

Bilateral attune 3 months follow up

13 yr old epiphyseal injury ?#?dislocation? radial head Open reduction and k wire fixation A rare case

data is here.....26


Adler make modular bipolar done for the first time

85 yr old ?#?itnf? rx with solt nailing Re fall implants hay way Salvage cemented modular bipolar

Inor make thr cemented done Other side iatrogenic ?#?rx? with pfn elsewhere

Bilateral all poly single setting Depuy j &j make

Inor make modular bipolar uncemented coral stem done in joshi hospital

Grade 3 displaced ?#?sc? humerus Closed reduction acheived with k wire criss cross fixation

L45 disc prolapse

A yong female 30 yr old with operated for ca breast post radiation AVN bilateral Ceramic on ceramic j &j thr done bilaterally

90 yr old basicervical ?#?neck? femur Cemented modular bipolar Inor make

5 level laminectomy with decompression and fixation Titanium rods and screws put

80 yr old female pt. Severe pain in lt. Knee and ankle Claudication + Decompression laminectomy done from l45 and s1 Fixation done at l3 l4 l5 and s1pedicular screws with titanium make 2 rods.

L5 s1 disc prolapse more on rt. Young pt. Having symptoms

Attune knee bilateral done walking comfirtably after 1 month